Locksmith Schijndel

Locksmith Schijndel

The lock specialist from Schijndel and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Schijndel

  • The best lock service
  • Available 24/7
  • Also on Sundays and public holidays
  • Inspected hinges and locks
  • Professional installation
  • Certified mechanics
  • Locks directly from stock
  • Pay safely and easily with PIN

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Locksmith Schijndel

Voted most reliable locksmith in Schijndel and surrounding areas.

It is with great pride that we can announce Locksmith Schijndel as the most reliable locksmith in Schijndel and the surrounding area. We are recognized by all authorities in our field, which guarantees the correct installation and repair of hinges and locks. Our certified technicians have years of experience in the field and offer affordable, safe and reliable lock repair and replacement. We attach enormous importance to the safety of our customers. That is why we are proud to provide the best service to our customer base.


Locked out in Schijndel

Have you locked yourself out in Schijndel and do you need help quickly? Don’t worry, because the experienced and professional locksmiths of are always ready to help you. We offer 24/7 lock service for all types of locks and have all the necessary equipment to open your door without any damage. Our fast and efficient service will put your mind at ease and get you back in quickly.

  • Real experts
  • Specialized team
  • Quality core pulling protection
  • Customized service
  • SKG-approved locks
Locked out in Schijndel

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

We are the experts in hinges and locks in Schijndel and the surrounding area. At Locksmith Schijndel everything revolves around quality, reliability and craftsmanship. We know better than anyone what is important when it comes to the security of your home, business premises or office. Our team of professionals is ready to help you open, replace or adjust your locks. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can meet all your specific wishes.

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Replacing locks

Replacing locks in Schijndel is a simple and quick solution to make your home safer. Locksmith Schijndel is your expert in replacing locks and has years of experience in the field. Our professional locksmiths are skilled in all types of locks and provide a solid solution to secure your home.

Opening locks

Have you lost your keys or locked yourself out? Are you looking for a reliable locksmith in Schijndel? At Locksmith Schijndel we are the experts in opening locks. With more than ten years of experience and a professional team of technicians, we are ready 24/7 to tackle any situation.

Burglary protection

Are you looking for an effective way to protect your home or business in Schijndel against burglars? Look no further than the comprehensive burglary protection services from our professional technicians. With our expert advice and dedicated service, you can rest assured that your property is safe from intruders.


Multi point lock

Do you want to provide extra security for your home or business premises in Schijndel? Then it is a smart choice to opt for a multi-point lock from Locksmith Schijndel. Our professional locksmiths are ready to ensure the perfect installation of your multi-point lock. You can count on a perfect fit and excellent service from our experts.

Emergency service

When it comes to lock problems, the solution needed is often the most pressing problem. At Locksmith Schijndel we understand this better than anyone and that is why we offer our customers our fast emergency service. Our certified locksmiths are available 24/7 to help you with any emergency, whether it concerns being locked out or burglary damage, we are there to help you.

Core pull protection

Choose maximum secured living with the advanced core pulling protection from Locksmith Schijndel. Our modern cylinder lock has been on the market since 2014 and offers very effective protection against burglary. With this security system you enjoy optimal safety and tranquility, so that you can sleep carefree and leave your home with peace of mind.

The mechanics of locksmith Schijndel

Our selection of technicians at Locksmith Schijndel are without a doubt the most experienced and qualified professionals in the region. Their years of experience and specific training have enabled them to solve every lock problem flawlessly. Whether it concerns opening your door, replacing your lock or installing security measures in your property, our technicians are always fast and reliable to help you wherever and whenever you need us.

Locksmith Schijndel accessible to everyone

When it comes to locksmith services, it should be possible for everyone to get reliable and affordable work. At Locksmith Schijndel we understand that. That’s why we do everything we can to make our services accessible to people with every budget. Our transparent and competitive rates make it possible to have your locks replaced or repaired without worrying about high prices. But our affordability does not mean that we compromise on quality. At Locksmith Schijndel we always guarantee top quality and excellent service. Our professional locksmiths have years of experience and use the latest technologies to secure your home or business.

Locksmith Schijndel accessible to everyone

Want to keep unwanted intruders out? Call Locksmith Schijndel

Nowadays it is inevitable to live in a world where the risk of burglary and theft seems to be closer than ever before. We understand that the security of your home or business is the highest priority and that you do not want unwanted intruders to enter your property with impunity. Fortunately, there is a solution: call Locksmith Schijndel and we will provide the best security solutions. Our professional and experienced locksmiths are experts in burglary prevention and know exactly what measures are needed to protect your home or business against unsolicited visitors.

Want to keep unwanted intruders out? Call Locksmith Schijndel

Compensation for damage

The reimbursement of locksmith costs

Are you looking for a reliable locksmith service in Schijndel, but worried about the costs? At Locksmith Schijndel we understand that replacing or repairing your locks and keys can be an unexpected and unwanted expense. Fortunately, most home insurance policies include coverage for locksmith costs in the event of burglary damage or stolen keys. When you contact Locksmith Schijndel for our services, we will not only ensure the safety and security of your home, but also work with you to determine whether your insurer can reimburse the costs.

The reimbursement of locksmith costs

Reimbursement of costs for lost keys

If you lose your keys, you are in most cases responsible for the costs of replacing the lock and keys. This can be quite expensive, especially if you have a high standard of security and you want the best quality and strongest locks. But luckily you don’t have to worry about that if you hire Locksmith Schijndel. Our specialized locksmiths know exactly what to do to keep costs low. We only work with the highest quality materials and the best technologies and machines to replace the lock safely and efficiently.

Reimbursement of costs for lost keys

FAQs for Locksmith Schijndel

Are you looking for answers to the most frequently asked questions about hinges and locks? Then you have come to the right place at Locksmith Schijndel! Whether it concerns advice about cylinder locks, replacing keys or securing your home, we are always there for you. Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions to our locksmiths.

  • Professional service
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Available day and night
  • Technicians with Certificate of Conduct
  • Reliable solutions
FAQs for Locksmith Schijndel

What should I do if I have lost my keys?

It is important to change your locks as soon as possible if you have lost your keys. This way you prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your home. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 to replace your locks.

There are different ways to secure your home. For example, you can opt for anti-burglary locks, alarm systems and cameras. Our locksmiths can advise you on the best security solutions for your home.

Replacing a cylinder lock is a specialist job that is best left to an experienced locksmith. Our locksmiths are experts and have the necessary materials to replace your cylinder lock.

If you have been accidentally locked out, it is important to remain calm and contact a locksmith. Our locksmiths arrive quickly and can open your door quickly and without damage.

To ensure that your locks remain in good condition and last a long time, regular maintenance is important. You can do this yourself by cleaning the locks and lubricating them with lubricant. You can also choose to hire a professional locksmith annually for maintenance and inspection of your locks.


Best service. Don't look anywhere else for locksmith needs! Luuk was specifically so helpful and friendly when we were in an extremely difficult situation. The prices are good and the service is impeccable. We have found our locksmith! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



I called at the last minute to have 20 copies of commercial keys printed for my new office in Schijndel. The technician was fast and friendly throughout the entire process. Even though he was on an emergency call, he came back to the office earlier than expected and did a fantastic job making my new keys. Thanks again.



Excellent and fast service! I had to have our office doors rekeyed. I made an appointment in the morning through their website and they arrived right on time the same day. The technician was very friendly and completed the job quickly and let me check all the keys to make sure they worked before he left.


Where can you find our locksmiths?

If you are in urgent need of professional locksmith services in Schijndel, you have come to the right place. Our locksmiths are available throughout Schijndel and the surrounding area, and are always ready to help you, regardless of the time of day. Whether you've been locked out in the middle of the night or you've lost your keys, our expert and friendly locksmiths will always be there within 20 minutes to solve your problems.

073 - 200 12 26

Common lock problem in Schijndel

The lock problem in Schijndel was a major challenge for me, but this locksmith managed to solve the problem in no time. He was very professional and knew exactly what he was doing. On top of that, he was also very friendly, which made the whole experience a lot more pleasant.


The common lock problem I have encountered has been my key getting stuck in the lock and me being unable to turn it. I was worried I would have to replace the entire door, but this expert came in and fixed it in a very quick and knowledgeable manner. He was also very friendly and gave me some useful tips to avoid future problems.


If you live in Schijndel and are looking for a professional locksmith, then this expert is the perfect choice for you! I had a common lock problem and he not only solved my key problem, but also repaired my door to prevent future problems. He was very fast, knowledgeable and above all very friendly.


Need a locksmith in the Schijndel region?

Need a locksmith in the Schijndel region?

073 - 200 12 26